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I have been making jewelry for a while now. I have to admit, I have struggled during my journey. I felt in the beginning, that most of the pieces I made were amateurish. Now, I feel like I’m beginning to find my way. I’ve slowly taught myself how to use new mediums. Lately, I have been dabbling with etching after coming across some images online that looked beautiful. I tried it and I have to admit, I like it — but not as much as I like the finished touch that metal stamping gives me. This Mandala Pendant necklace that I recently made is a good example. Trust me, I have screwed up a good bit of fine metal trying to work out the stamp designs and the number designs. But now, I feel that I have finally found my groove, and this particular necklace is a good testament to that. I find satisfaction in knowing that I can create beautiful things if I keep at it. And that is what I intend to do. Create, create, create. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to do this on my own time. One day, I hope that I can make this jewelry making hobby of mine a full-time endeavor, that is sustainable. I just have to keep trying. In the meantime, take a little bit of time to find your spiritual center with this symbol that epitomizes meditation and finding your true self.

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