Trio Stacking Ring Set




Give your fingers a little update with the trio stacking ring set!

It is the perfect minimalist stacking ring set you’ll find — and competitively priced!

You’ll get a set of three dainty rings:
— a solitaire with your choice of gemstone (zircon or ruby) made with sterling square wire
— a sparkly sterling silver thin band
— a plain band made of sterling silver

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Size 10, Size 10.25, Size 10.5, Size 10.75, Size 5.75, Size 6, Size 6.25, Size 6.5, Size 6.75, Size 7, Size 7.25, Size 7.5, Size 7.75, Size 8, Size 8.25, Size 8.5, Size 8.75, Size 9, Size 9.25, Size 9.5, Size 9.75, Size 4.75, Size 4.5, Size 4.25, Size 4, Size 5.25, Size 5, Size 5.5


Zircon, Ruby


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