Sterling Silver Sapphire Ring




Who knew sapphires could be so versatile?

This beautiful solitaire ring is set in sterling silver with beaded wire, and a scalloped bezel.

This ring is hand wrought.

You can choose between three colors: pink, yellow or stunning blue.

The stones vary in size.

Pink stone measures 10 x 6 millimeters: a sweet variation that’s perfect for layering.

Yellow stone measures 11 x 8 millimeters: a light-filled variation that captivates every time you look at it.

Blue stone measures 11 x 8 millimeters: a deep ocean variation that is trademark of this spectacular stone.

Additional information

Primary color

Pink, Yellow, Blue


Size 10, Size 10.25, Size 10.5, Size 10.75, Size 5.75, Size 6, Size 6.25, Size 6.5, Size 6.75, Size 7, Size 7.25, Size 7.5, Size 7.75, Size 8, Size 8.25, Size 8.5, Size 8.75, Size 9, Size 9.25, Size 9.5, Size 9.75, Size 4.75, Size 4.5, Size 4.25, Size 4, Size 5.25, Size 5, Size 5.5


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