Dainty Stacking Ring in Sterling Silver




This listing is for one handmade dainty sterling silver stacking ring with a delicate design.

This ring is made from 18 gauge wire. It is tumbled for strength and beauty.

It can be worn alone for a classy minimalist look or stacked and mixed with other rings for a more dramatic look.

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Size 10, Size 10.25, Size 10.5, Size 10.75, Size 5.75, Size 6, Size 6.25, Size 6.5, Size 6.75, Size 7, Size 7.25, Size 7.5, Size 7.75, Size 8, Size 8.25, Size 8.5, Size 8.75, Size 9, Size 9.25, Size 9.5, Size 9.75, Size 4.75, Size 4.5, Size 4.25, Size 4, Size 5.25, Size 5, Size 5.5


Triangle, Celtic Triskelion, Tiny Evil Eye, Four Quadrants, Celtic Trinity, Three Quadrants, Lotus, Infinity Arrow, Starburst


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