Bohemian Jewelry Collection with Moonstone


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Take flight with this chic-inspired style of my Bohemian Jewelry Collection.

The Bohemian style is often synonymous with an unconventional flair, which is what I tried to capture with this piece.

This particular piece has an added natural moonstone gemstone that shimmers into hues of blue and milky white when it catches the light. It also has several dozen little dots, just for effect.

You’ll be delighted with the curves of this piece, entirely handmade out of fine and sterling silver, and purposely made to give it that feminine aesthetic.

The centerpiece, an owl of sorts, was cast from one of my vintage bronze dies, and formed out of precious metal clay.

I personally handcrafted the piece itself, sawing and soldering it together and then oxidizing it.
It comes with an 18 inch chain that is oxidized

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